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15 August 2012 @ 06:30 pm
Ninja Love (Sasuke Side-Stories)  

There are three side stories available for each character at the moment. You unlock them after completing their main story.

So in Female Ninja Training you still happen to be the princess it seems. you end up joining in on a party everyone is having due to the full moon. You get a bit tipsy though since you're a light weight. No worries though since everyone is getting drunk! ┐(‘~`;)┌

You wonder off to the bathroom and bump into Kotaro. He starts complimenting you and what not but tacks it up to being drunk. Goemon then shows up and demands you serve him booze. Though he just hits on you instead. Hanzo and Sasuke come to the rescue!

But then Sasuke disappears, so you go off looking for him. You comfort him and have some hug time. Then Saizo shows up to break up the good times. Goemon sees the two of you all happy and gets jealous. He tries to get randy with you later to no avail.

For the Super Happy Ending:

You go to have a nice bath but of course Sasuke is going to walk in on you. Since you're both naked, he gets a bit randy with you. Claiming he wants to make love. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Sadly though you just kiss him and tell him to wait. Sasuke says he'll love you forever so he doesn't mind waiting.

As for the Normal Ending:

Sasuke shows up when Goemon is hitting on you and steals you away. He holds you and says no matter what he can't give up on you. You tell him that it's okay because you want him too. Sasuke says he'll always be there and protect you.

Now to move on to The Love Trip for Marriage. This one takes place after the main storyline. Or rather during that short trip back home to see your grandfather, the priest. After giving a farewell to Hanzo and Kuma; you two are on your way.

You guys have a cute moment on the road but oh shit ninjas. Turns out they're the remains of the traitor clan. But Sasuke cuts them done without any trouble. There goes the moment. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

First, in the Super Happy End:

After all this time, you finally end up being fed up with being cock blocked! Telling Sasuke that you want some sweet loving. Too bad for you though since he says that getting married is more important. Then the two of you can have all the dokidoki time you want.

Then the two of you start stalking a cat like a bunch of idiots. But at least you find a house to stay the night in. There you enjoy a nice warm meal, and more importantly, one another. (*´д`*)ハァハァ

Then in the Normal Ending:

This one you tell him to hurry up and get to the temple already. Sasuke asks how many kids you want; to which you say lots! There's a funny moment when Sasuke says if he has a daughter he'll never let her marry. Especially if it was to someone like Goemon. xD;;

The two of you start to make-out but are yet again cut short. Seems you were closer to home then you thought; since gramps is the one who finds you in the bush together. Opps. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

So in the end these took me about five days to complete. I have no plans to unlock the third side story since it either requires money or another play through of the main story for the Happy End. Haha no thanks. Going through these short ones twice was boring enough.

As for my impressions on them; I rather liked the Love Trip for Marriage story. It was just adorable and made me smile. While the Ninja Training just seemed like what the main story was filled of already.

I especially loved when the heroine could finally be totally fed up with being cock blocked by the world. Give me some rubaruba time damnit!

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